Probate Litigation

We do much more than help clients plan estates, probate wills and advise trust administrators. When probate disputes arise, it’s important to have an experienced and knowledgeable trial lawyer ready to represent you in a will contest or a conflict over a trust document.

We handle all types of probate and trust disputes.

We can help you:

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  • Contest a will if there are charges of undue influence and lack of capacity
  • Challenge an executor or administrator when the dispute involves how an estate is being administrated, breach of fiduciary duty, or a petition to remove an administrator or executor
  • Challenge a trust or trustee: when the dispute involves trust terms or construction, breach of fiduciary duty, or a petition to remove a trustee
  • Contest a proposed guardianship or conservatorship

The need to contest a will and the sources of other probate disputes vary. An excluded beneficiary may need to litigate to obtain his or her rightful portion of an estate. Heirs may believe an executor may be attempting to distribute estate assets in a way that violates the terms of a will. Regardless of the situation, a dispute over an estate is emotional — never easy.

We understand the stress and frustration involved when deciding whether to contest a will, a trust, or a fiduciary. We know how upsetting it is to move forward with litigation against family members and close friends. At The Law Office of Bonnie Popia, PC, we work compassionately with our clients during these sensitive legal matters and aggressively represent their interests throughout the process of a will contest or probate litigation.

For information about how to contest a will or handle a probate dispute or to schedule your confidential appointment, contact us by telephone at 503-605-0137, or online.

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